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Free Online Tarot

We feature reviews of the various free online Tarot readings, tarot information and other related resources (you can also find free i-ching, rune, astrology, and numerology readings here as well). If you are looking for a free tarot reading be sure to browse our website to learn more about free readings and how to get the most from the various free Tarot resources on the net.

A quick word of caution...

When requesting free readings, beware certain websites that engage in questionable behaviors. For example if you start receiving emails that state "I was thinking about you and I realized you are in danger and you should buy this pendant from me to protect yourself" etc. block their emails and don't return to that site. There are many charlatains out there, fortunately there are also many gifted Tarot readers and enthusiasts and if you look in the right places, you can find decent free tarot reading applications online.

Free readings will never replace your own intuition or, when needed, the guidance of a true and dedicated professional, however free readings can be a great way to gain insight and reflect on things in your life that may need to be addressed.

If you would like to sign up to get a free Tarot reflection in your email each day, be sure to register for the YahooGroup Daily Tarot Readings. There are over 50,000 subscribers and it's been around for over ten years, providing Tarot insight and reflections that are sent out each weekday.

Advantages & Disadvantages of Free Tarot Readings

The advantages of free tarot readings are of course that they are free. In addition, they also provide insight and can even lead to reflection and seeking answers within yourself - these are all good things. The disadvantages of free readings are that they are not being done by a professional and that they leave a lot up to you to determine. If you've never read Tarot before or if you are consulting a free reading for a very serious or emotionally charged issue, you may find a free reading leaves you with more questions than answers.

That being said, I do highly recommend free readings and even learning to read the Tarot yourself - not so much for divination or fortune telling, but because they are tools for growth and inner reflection when used properly. I hope you will enjoy this website and use it to learn more about Tarot, enjoy some free Tarot readings, and perhaps gain some new insight on your path in the process. Tarot is a beautiful tool when used in the proper context. Fortunately, there are many people who love the Tarot and have done an amazing job providing free tarot readings that are truly engaging and insightful.


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